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Completed Projects

-MIMOSE FIRB2012         

"Sviluppo di modelli innovativi per il monitoraggio multiscala degli indicatori di servizi ecosistemici nelle foreste Mediterranee"
The project MIMOSE (Development of innovative models for multiscale monitoring of ecosystem services indicators in Mediterranean forests) is aimed at developing innovative multiscale approach and tools for monitoring Ecosystem Services (ES) provision in Mediterranean forest habitats, within the framework of the following key priorities areas of Horizon 2020: climate regulation (e.g. carbon sequestration, regulation of water flow) and renewable energy production (e.g. bioenergy production).
The main objective of the project is the mapping and assessment of Ecosystem Services and their changes through time according to different forest management scenarios.

“Wood system in Tuscany”
“Sustainable forest management and wild ungulates”
SIC Siena
Draft the management plans of 7 Sites of Community Importance
"Assessment of forest biomass for energy use in forest areas managed by Ente Foreste della Sardegna"

“Developing innovative models and techniques for integrated fuel management for fire prevention in Mediterranean and temperate forests”

LIFE+ 08 NAT/IT/000342
“Development of a quick Monitoring index as a tool to assess Environmental impacts of Transgenic crops”

“Validation on sample areas of the Regional GIS for the management of forest operations (SIGAF)”
Forest management plan of “Consorzio Forestale delle Cerbaie” (PI)
Forest management guidelines for pine forest of “Alberese (Maremma Regional Park)”
LIFE+ 07 ENVD000218
“Further Development and Implementation of an EU-level Forest Monitoring System”
Availability of agro-forest biomass
PRIN 2007
“Innovative methods for the identification, characterization and management of old-growth forests in Mediterranean environment”
 PRIN 2007
“Sustainable agroforestry energetic districts”
Val di Merse
Preliminary study on forest biomass availability in Val di Merse (Tuscany)
“Land suitability analyses for arboriculture within the administrative district of Florence”
Methods for mapping chestnut forests
"Pilot study on the use of National Forest Inventories to downscale European forest diversity spatial information in five test areas, covering different geo-physical and geo-botanical conditions"
“Pilot study on harmonising National Forest Inventories in Europe”
PRIN 2005
“Innovative forest management models for energy biomass production”
(Forest Biodiversity Test-phase Assessments)
"Coordinamento del progetto internazionale ForestBIOTA, per le parti relative alla classificazione dei tipi forestali ed al legno morto”
Forest management plan of “National Nature Reserve Tomboli di Cecina”
PRIN 2004
“Sustainable managent of land resources: Decision Support Systems”
Forest management plan of “National Nature Reserve of Vallombrosa”
“Creating training tools for a sustainable use of resources, environmental education and rural tourism in protected areas”
Researches on multispectral image segmentation for land use, land cover classification using the object-oriented approach. Different kind of images (Landsat, SPOT, IKONOS, Quick Bird) were investigated in various test areas
PRIN 2003
“Sustainable management models for the conservation of the complexity and biological diversity of forest ecosystem”
Activities of APAT (Agenzia per la Protezione dell'Ambiente e i Servizi tecnici) to update the CORINE LAND COVER database at 2000
Forest management plan of “Parco della Versiliana”
Project for the standardization and normalization of geographic database concerning Vallombrosa forest (Florence, Italy) to implement an on-line GIS system. The project was born to support research and didactical activities of the Faculty in Vallombrosa 
Contract with VIVA "Consorzio per la valorizzazione ambientale delle grandi infrastrutture viarie" (the consortium for environmental valorization of great transportation facilities), for monitoring activities, based on remotely sensed data, of the environments interested by new highway construction
National project founded by Ministry of Scientific and Technological Research to study the influence wood plantations against desertification processes in Mediterranean environments

A series of projects to study the evolution (in time and space) of landscape in Tuscany since XIX century until today. The projects are based on GIS tools and remotely sensed data, the final aim is to analyze trends in landscape changes in order to model its possible future development

Researches on forest monitoring using remote sensing data with high and very high spatial resolution
DMMD (Developing Methods for Measuring Biodiversity)
geoLAB supported the Italian Academy of Forest Sciences with GIS modeling
Activities of GIS laboratory of GISFORM within the project “Intesa Stato-Regioni-Enti Locali per la realizzazione del sistema informativo geografico di riferimento” (the project for the design and implementation of the national geographic information system)
Monte Morello
Implementation of the digital ortophotographic coverage and the Land Information System for the project of a Management and re-naturalization of wood plantations in Monte Morello (Florence, Italy)
Implementation of a land model based on fuzzy GIS technologies to define areas suitable for trees plantation in the south of Italy (Calabria, Campania and Basilicata regions). This work was done within the national Multi-regional Operative Program (POM) “Models for a sustainable wood cultivation in the Regions of south Italy", Action 4.
Within the 5th Framework Programme geoLAB supported the Italian Academy of Forest Sciences in the project “Scale Dependent Monitoring of Non-Timber Forest Resources Based on Indicators Assessed in Various Data Sources (MNTFR)”. geoLAB activity concerned GIS modeling and remotely sensed data elaboration.
Project for biodiversity monitoring
Land Use and Vegetation Cover Map" based on the fourth thematic level CORINE/Biotopes legend. Project scale was 1:250000 covering all Italy. The project was based on multi-temporal Landsat TM imagery supported by ancillary information in GIS environment
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