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GESAAF Dipartimento di Gestione dei Sistemi Agrari, Alimentari e Forestali

Our research guests

Year 2018  
Annemarie Bastrup-Birk European Environment Agency, Forest and Environment
Erik Naesset Faculty of Environmental Sciences and Natural Resource Management, Norway
Mats Nilsson Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, Department of Forest Ecology and Management; Soil Biology Unit
Ronald E. McRoberts U.S. Forest Service
Mohamed Ouessar Senior Researcher
Institut des Régions Arides (IRA) de Médenine, Tunisia
Frank van Steenbergen Director
MetaMeta Research, the Netherlands
Lars Waser Landscape Dynamics Remote Sensing at WSL
Year 2017  
Eyasu Yazew Hagos Institute of Water and Environment and an Associate Professor in Land and Water Development at Mekelle University in Ethiopia
Year 2016  
Agnes Giboreau Institut Paul Bocuse, Lyon, Fracne Château du Vivier – Ecully
Alan Bakalinsky Department of Food Science and Technology at Oregon State University
Frode Alfnes Department of Economics and Resource Management Norwegian University of Life Sciences P.O. Box 5003, 1432 Ås
Gaston Ares Centro de Investigación Básica en Psicología, Univer si  dad de la Republica, Uruguay
John Prescott Institute on Asian Consumer Insight (Singapore)
Lengard Almli Nofima, As, Norway and Norwegian University of Life Sciences (NMBU)


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