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GESAAF Dipartimento di Gestione dei Sistemi Agrari, Alimentari e Forestali

Ethiopia Exchange Program 2018

Ethiopia Exchange Program 2018

Two Grants of 1,300 E Available for MSc students

The Water Harvesting Lab of University of Florence is looking for two motivated MSc students from the University of Florence to develop their thesis in Ethiopia. A call is open for selecting two candidates who will be funded with up to 1,300 Euros for a minimum stay of 4 weeks (refund of proven expenses, including all costs for travel, accommodation and daily allowance). The activity can be acknowledged with 6 ECTS as internship.

The call is open to proposals in the framework of (1) Land use change and Water Harvesting; (2) Socio-economic analysis; (3) Watershed Management and Water Productivity.

Go to the call announcement.

The exchange program is funded by the University of Florence, in the framework of an International Agreement with Mekelle University in Ethiopia. Research Activities on the field will be carried out in the framework of the A4Lab Project, funded by Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs and coordinated by IHE Delft. In Ethiopia the project focuses on Sand Dams Water Harvesting.

Candidates will have to prepare an activity proposal (maximum 3 pages). The format for the proposal is available at the call announcement link. The activities can be converted up to 6 ECTS of traineeship.

The Deadline is on April 3rd, 2018, at 13:00

The call is open for:

  • LM-7 Biotecnologie per la gestione ambientale e l'agricoltura sostenibile,
  • LM-69 Scienze e tecnologie agrarie,
  • LM-69 Natural Resources Management for Tropical Rural Development,
  • LM-70 Scienze e tecnologie alimentari,
  • LM-73 Scienze e tecnologie dei sistemi forestali,
  • LM-86 Scienze e gestione delle risorse faunistico-ambientali,
  • LM-35 Ingegneria per la Tutela dell’Ambiente e del Territorio,
  • LM-35 Geoengineering,
  • LM-23 Ingegneria Civile,
  • LM-74 Scienze e Tecnologie geologiche,
  • LM-56 Economics and development - Economia politica e sviluppo economico,
  • PhD in Gestione Sostenibile delle Risorse Agrarie, Forestali e Alimentari;

Support documentation to prepare the proposal, including A4Lab project documentation is available upon request to Giulio Castelli:


The Project

A4Lab Project aims to co-develop, test, share and compare with farmers and partners methodologies to create a reliable and sustainable source of water for agriculture in three semi-arid to arid regions of Sub-Sahara Africa, using water underlying dry river beds and upscale these methodologies for use at river basin scale while maintaining sustainable abstraction limits and minimising negative social and ecological consequences. We will do so by developing experimental sites (“living labs”) where smallholder farmers, practitioners, agricultural extension officers, water engineers and students co-develop new (technological, agronomic, financial, market) approaches of accessing and using shallow groundwater for productive purposes, and evaluate the hydrological, social and economic effects and impacts. Co-learning will be institutionalised at the sites, and between the three sites, through conscious monitoring and evaluations by farmers and other players, assisted by local students.


The semi-arid to arid regions we have in mind comprise 30% of Africa’s land area. These lands and often considered marginal and lost to socio-economic development due to water scarcity. The project will study alternative ways in which water from alluvial aquifers can best be accessed and used for productive purposes and thus for socio-economic development.


Mekelle University

  • Research partner of GESAAF Department and leading institution for environmental restoration and natural resources management in Ethiopia
  • Currently, Seven Colleges and Eight Institutes with more than 31,000 students in various undergraduate and postgraduate programs.
  • One of the top three Universities in Ethiopia;
  • Working to become one of the top 25 Universities in Africa by 2025;
  • Institute of Water and Environment:

      Direct partner of the GESAAF Department
      (International Agreement in Place since 2014)

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